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and i am a man of my word.

this was the sketch for all new xfactor no9. i had spent like a good 30 minutes trying to make the inside of the thighs work, that it felt weird just having a gap for his dick. so i drew the dick.

ta daa


You know what I love about this? Unlike the kinda dick you normally expect to see when looking at gay comics, which often are about half the size of the characters body, this is accurate. I mean, I can totally buy that that would be a real dick in the real world. It even sits on the bed right.

Of course, that is something that incredible artists like kristaferanka can do. They remember that no matter what style of art you draw in, you have to understand the workings of the body in the real world. So bravo, Kris, that is good dick!

Also, interesting to see that Remy is uncut…

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